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Who am I?

Well, you already know my name, so let’s get down to business. I am a spunky, yet business oriented, web designer. I am constantly learning and evolving to new techniques and tools of the trade. I love what I do and enjoy the creative freedom it allows me.

Every web site needs a unique touch that reminds the visitors why they are there. I enjoy trying to infuse as much personality and character into every project for every individual or small business I work with, while still making a clean and functional site.


  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator


  • JavaScript

  • WordPress

  • PHP/mySQL



WordPress is the bee’s knees when it comes to how to run your site. From blogs to business, WordPress takes the fear and stress out of maintaining your own site. I just happen to make them look good.


Your brand is as unique as you, so why should’t your site be. Don’t be a plain Jane with just another box site. Let your customers see you for who you are with a unique website design for your business.


The perfect logo on a snappy business card can really make a statement. I work with businesses and individuals to create brand identity packages to use for print and web needs.


New to the world of WordPress blogging? I now offer hands on WordPress training via Skype. Book an appointment now to get a better grasp on your flashy new blog.

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When trying to find the right design for your site or blog, things can be overwhelming, I have added this section to help iron out some of your questions.

What exactly do you do? I build WordPress or CSS/HTML5 web sites for businesses and personal clients. I design and do the actual behind the scenes codes – an all-in-one-one-man-shop. I no longer will work with themes or sites that are pre-built and need mending or tweaking.

What does my purchase include? That depends on your contract, however it usually covers from header to footer of your website design – the ‘theme’ – as well as any additional set up, transfer, or other help you may need when first establishing your new web site. It also includes a time period after the site is live that I am available for additional questions and help. Even if that time runs out, and you are still figuring this out, I don’t leave you hanging without a raft. I understand that a new site can be overwhelming and I am here to help you adjust. After all, the better you learn to use your site, the more people see my work. It’s a win win.

How much does it cost? I do not have a set price, because so far, every job is different. Remember that investing in a web site is like investing in any other major purchase, you get what you pay for. If your web site is worth it to you, we will work something out.

How long will it take? Usually sites can be drafted, approved and built in under four weeks with good communication from both parties.

How do I pay you? Currently I prefer good old fashioned check or money order but am also set up to take payment via pay pal. Really, there is just a cutie at the bank I like to talk to.

What platforms will you build a website for? I currently am only accepting self hosted WordPress designs. Why? Because I use wordpress for my own blog, recommend WordPress to all new clients, and truly enjoy it as a platform for web sites. Whether you are running a daily blog or a business site, WordPress allows you full control over your files and content without fear of harming the code that holds your site together.

I have purchased/am considering purchasing/or have not purchased my own domain name. Can you help? Yes. I actually recommend talking to someone who has done this a few times before taking any steps in choosing your host or how/where to register your domain name. Things can get murky out there without guidance and unless you have done this before or know someone who has, there is a lot of fine print to consider.

I know these are only some of the questions you have regarding your new web site, please feel free to fill out my contact form and ask any other questions you may have. I am always willing to help.

The Work Flow

So, you’ve paid the deposit and are on the road to some fancy new digs. Here’s how the process works.

Phase I: First there will be a little Q&A back and forth to get a feel for your expectations for your site. I recommend looking around the interwebs and gathering ideas for what you would like for your own site. Once I have made a list of your expectations, I will start the design.Your initial design will begin with a color palette and a flat image of what your future web site will look like. This part requires some back and forth and is when you will put your input in on the over all layout.

Phase II: After the design has been approved, I start the build. I do most of my construction, unless otherwise agreed, on my own server and show you a private version of your site. When you are happy with this, I move to the final phase

Phase III: For the launch of your site, I need access to your hosting account to install WordPress and your custom theme. I do most of this work during the late evening hours as to minimize the amount of traffic that may see a few road cones and caution tape. When you awake the next morning, your new WordPress site will be there waiting for you. 




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